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5 Photographers Shaping Fashion Photography

Updated: May 17, 2022

The aesthetics of fashion photography are constantly changing through the decades as new designers and photographers push boundaries and experiment to create a new vision and culture.

In this article we will go through a selection of fashion photographers are shaping the fashion industry and its visual language; from surreal beauty to gritty realism.

Nick knight:

An obvious selection for this article is the infamous Nick Knight who has a photographic career spanning the last 40 decades, his first work started documenting the fringe Skin head culture in the UK. However Knight went on to carve out an impactful career in fashion photography. Through the years he has acquired an impressive number of accolades from fashion designers, actors and musicians while continuing to push the envelope into his 60s.

Find his work on instagram @Nick_Knight

Tim Walker -

Like Knight, Walker is again a seasoned veteran of fashion photography, as a young child he would use the occupants of his grandmothers nursing home as models for his early rudimental fashion shoots. His work now is highly polished and dream-like, taking influence from fairy tales, Dutch masters like Heironymous Bosch and pop culture to create weird and wonderful surreal worlds which feel like they exist on their own outside of the cameras lens.

Gabriel Moses -

Gabriel Moses is a young photographer and director who has already consolidated his place In the fashion photography industry. From the age of 18 Moses worked on campaigns with Nike then further developing his stylistic language with the late Virgil Abloh shooting for Off-White. Since he has gone on to shoot with various up and coming artists such as PA Saleiu, Bakar and Central Cee. Moses’ obsession with high contrast photos has defined his style of image making which experiments with texture, gritty environments and use of shadows to create beautifully dark images.

Find his work on instagram @Gabrielomoses

Stuart Winecoff -

Stuart is a fashion photographer who has only recently turned his full attention to the fashion world. Originally studying cinematography this is very apparent in Winecoffs work, his still image work is oozing with cinematic style. His work is also documentarian in nature, often interested in real people and real-life scenarios but elevated narratively through mood, choice of colour and lighting.

Find his work on Instagram @stuart_winecoff

Valerie Chiang -

Valerie Chiang is a Taiwan born Photographer who’s interests fall in fine art and fashion photography, She views the medium of photography as an opportunity for escapism always thinking of ways to portray the mundane in a more imaginative and magical manner. Her work also borders on the real and surreal, often creating highly stylised images with a touch of the uncanny.

Find her work on instagram @ninebagatelles

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