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My Experience Interning At A Photography Studio.

Updated: May 17, 2022

Ok, so I guess I’ll start this with a hello, welcome to Aseptic Studios first ever blog post (can I get a whoop whoop). I’m Alishia, 24, living la vie da London and I’m a intern with Aseptic. I met Rubio (one of Aseptic’s founders – you can check him out @shotbyrubio. The other founder is Richard @lostintottenham) whilst working as the video assistant on an editorial shoot a few months ago. Over cigarettes and coffee he invited me to the studio and offered me the role. And here we are. Writing blogs and trying to navigate my 20’s. Intense.

When I moved to London last year I was craving a switch up. I’ve always had big ambitions but I got to a place where I felt like all I was doing was staring at a blank wall (what’s the 20 year old version of a mid life crisis ?) At the age of 18 I ended up blagging my way into a paralegal role at a Top 500 law firm (a real win considering I didn’t know what a paralegal was when I went for my interview*) Turns out I made a pretty good one and within a year my firm awarded me funding to study so I could qualify as a Lawyer.

For three years, my reality was a combination of case files, legal documents, 9-5s and wearing suits. Realising that my life was pretty much written out for me at the age of 20, and the prospect of sitting at the same desk for the next 50 years, shook me the fuck up. I was one year away from qualifying (hold the double digit pay rise) and in the middle of another boring property contract when I realised my brain was starting the resemble the bowl of ramen noodles I’d just had for breakfast. In an act of existentialism, I quit my job and booked a one-way flight to Cambodia. I couldn’t face anymore courtrooms or computers (sorry mum.) I never actually ended up getting on the flight but the realisation I had taken back control of my old self and knowing I now decided what my future looked like was worth the £300 I spent. Of all the impulsive decisions I’ve made, that was one of my best.

I missed the old Alishia who used to impale herself with needles 5 times a week, because she left them on the carpet after sewing. The ADHD chaos that came when she was making a piece of art. Writing, taking pictures, making things beautiful. I was bored of everything being about money and status, buying and selling property for rich white dudes. Quite honestly it made me depressed. I had figured out (well, still figuring out) that the only way to make myself happy was to follow my passions and therefor, create.

After a brief stint in Nottingham and a few fleeting job roles (electric wheelchair manufacturer, accountancy assistant, hooters girl, etc. etc) I landed on the realisation I was supposed to move to London, go to university and study music. I got into Goldsmiths and started there last September. Doing your first year of uni during a pandemic is a weird experience but I can’t say that I haven’t learnt anything during that time, after all, it did get me where I am today.

The point of this story is that life changes. You can have and achieve anything you want if you learn to take yourself less seriously and put yourself out there. Like most of us, I’m learning how to better myself, not letting myself get stuck in my own head so I am able to share what I’ve created, which in turn makes me create more and build skill and confidence. There’s vulnerability in us all and I think that showing that side of yourself to others can be one of the strongest ways to re-connect, both with internally and with others. My aim is to create art that can reflect this ethos.

Even the act of writing this blog had me feeling all kinds of ways but at the end of the day I can only move forward and try to improve. One small step for a struggling millennial and another huge step for someone lost in a cloud of confusion about what she was supposed to do with her life. And so here I am grabbing life by the balls (or trying at least) and allowing myself to be free.

I don’t think there’s any such thing as wasted time and each experience leads you to a new conclusion. My conclusion is that it’s better for me to spend more time looking at the flowers and playing under the stars, opening conversations about evolution and growth. All of our experiences have shaped us in our own way, but I want to be a part of a community that shares and listens to each other rather than shying away from any outlet, emotion or creativity (not a dig at all Lawyers, some of you are fab.) Aseptic is going to help me learn new skills and make (then break) boundaries for myself. I’m learning the art of progressing as an artist as well as not taking myself too seriously and staying happy and healthy. We’re all just passing through here, might as well make the journey a good one.

If you want to be a part of this process in any way, i.e. sharing experiences, collaborations, discussions, advice, banger recommendations, whatever, I’d love to hear from you. You can email me on

Peace and love until next time,

Alishia x

* Let’s give Fox (head of talent at Aseptic Agency) a shout out too @thewild.f.o.x

*Probably the lawyer in me.

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